Improving Farming and Agriculture through technology

How can technology help?

Well, Agro Innova for example as an organization has designed an application, FBSInnova which is based on the farmer business school provides you with information on various crops and cropping calendars with the activities you need to carry out on your farm and crops as well as enlightens farmers on ways to track their finances. That way farmers with little experience in cultivating other crops can download and sign up on this application and get enough education to cultivate different crops, track all activities carried out on the farm and be more accurate when it comes to losses and profits.

Source: FBSInnova image
Source: AkokoMarket Image
Source: Google Images (Gari Processing)



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Agro Innova

Agro Innova

An Agri-Tech Company improving agriculture in Africa by developing farmer-centred technologies to address challenges faced by smallholder farmers.